#1: Fireplace Transformation

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If you recall, in the last 9 months, we have completely redone our fireplace area, changing things up about 4 times now.

We built a faux mantle and covered up the detailed trim above.

Then, we added peel and stick tiles and painted the hearth gray.

Then, I felt froggy and decided to install the peel and stick shiplap on the wall behind the fireplace and tv.

And I LOVED it! But… then I kind of messed it up. I had caulked between where the boards met each other horizontally, so the shiplap pieces looked like one long piece across. The first caulking job was okay, but you could still see the line. The second time, I did way too much caulk at a time, and it overflowed onto the shiplap around the cracks. I wiped it off as best I could, but it dried and was totally obvious. Sanding, scraping, razor blading all helped a little, but it was still noticeable. Honestly, I don’t know if other people would have noticed it, but my eyes kept going straight there!

So, I decided to look for some farmhouse-ish 11×14 frames and prints to use to help conceal the not-great caulking job I did. I also added trim on the two sides. Luckily, I really love how it looks! Thank goodness! I promise, I’m not touching this part of my house again. 😉


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