DIY Fruit Fly Trap

We recently got some freshly-picked fruit (versus grocery store fruit), which was DELICIOUS!!!!… but we have had fruit flies ever since! I have used this simple trick to trap fruit flies, and I wanted to share.

All you need is a container (it could be a bowl, a jar, tupperware, etc.), apple cider vinegar, and dish soap.

Pour the apple cider vinegar into the container. There’s no exact amount needed, but I would say fill the container 2/3 – 3/4 full. Put in several drops of the dish soap. No need to stir or anything. The apple cider vinegar provides the smell that attracts the fruit flies, and the soap provides the stickiness so they can’t get out.

The flies will smell the vinegar and sit on the edge of your container. Be patient- they will eventually go down into the vinegar.

It is amazing how well this trap works. It’s also (un)amazing that, at first, you see only a few fruit flies and you put out the trap… and then there is a constant line of flies that show up! EW! Where are they all coming from??

Happy fly catching…


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