New Rug… BIG Difference!

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Our living room has a contrast in its colors. The walls and accents are gray and white, but our FAVORITE, most COMFORTABLE, AWESOME couch is more of a brown shade. (Did you get the idea of how much we love this couch?!)

After we moved in, I purchased a rug from Target. It was an 8×10 rug that was called “gray”, but looked like it had a gridded pattern of beige and gray. I thought this was a good way to tie in both colors.

It was… okay. I mean, the quality was fantastic. I just felt like the overall look was more beige/tan/yellow than it was gray/white. I didn’t feel like it connected all the shades together like I had hoped it would.

One thing I wanted to do after Christmas was take advantage of rug sales and purchase a new one. I actually found this one on Amazon. I liked the fact that there were free returns if I didn’t like it! The ratings were great, I loved seeing pictures from peoples’ comments, AND it was about 80% off the original price at the time! Plus, I got it in 2 days, delivered to my door. Win, win, win.

I LOVE IT! It is white with cool patterns all over it that are a perfect greige shade. It has lightened and brightened our family room! What do you think?

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