Amazon- After-Holiday Sales!

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions.

Here are some holiday sale items on Amazon- prices are as of 1/27/23!

66 unfinished wooden ornament crafts! Only $3.99 shipped!

24 wooden Christmas ornaments for only $3.99 shipped!

More Christmas ornaments– blank ones to paint! Only $3.99 shipped.

Wow! $11.69 for 30 trees!

These LED fairy lights are only $4.89 shipped! (click the extra 30% off coupon)

Orange fairy lights are also $4.89 shipped! (don’t forget the coupon!)

This Christmas ornament organizer for only $11.93 shipped!

This Christmas tree storage bag is only $9.09 shipped (click the extra 30% off!)

This Halloween garden flag is only $2.99 shipped!

128 sticky bats! Only $3.99 shipped.

41 Valentines Hearts decor! Only $4.99.

This pumpkin door hanger is only $4.49 shipped!

Two lighted fall trees for only $9.99 shipped! (be sure to click the extra 50% off)- normally $23.99!


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