12 Home Decor Items for Under $10!

Hammertime is reader supported. We may earn commission off affiliate links. Thank you for your support!

-This aesthetic cloud desk mirror is only $9.99 shipped!

-Two small potted artificial plants are only $5.99 shipped!

-These 8 coasters are cute! Only $9.59 shipped. (click the extra 5% off)

-This 58″ wood bead garland is only $6.52 shipped.

-More coasters, this time in gray! Only $9.59 shipped – click the extra 5% off clickable.

-6 strands of artificial vines for only $6.79 shipped!

-This small lantern (6.5″ tall) is only $6.17 shipped!

-60 stems of 17″ long pampas grass for only $9.99 shipped!

-Cute sign for a baseball player! Only $6.99 shipped.

-45 rainbow Boho decals for only $6.99 shipped!

-15 pieces of 18″ long eucalyptus stems for only $8.49 shipped!

-This cute sunflower potted artificial plant is only $7.99 shipped!


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