15 Tween Girl Gift Ideas for Under $10!

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My daughter started middle school this past year, and she is living her best tween life. I feel like she is always going to a different friend’s birthday party. Most of the time, she gets her friend a gift card and candy, but… that can be boring! I wanted to brainstorm some ideas of presents that ~10-13 year-olds might enjoy! (and for cheap!) Here is what I found…

-This 3-pack of Squeeze and Squish pens has a lot of great ratings, and is 41% off today! Only $9.99 shipped.

-You can’t go wrong with some water bottle stickers. This 50 pack is only $6.99 shipped!

-This 5-minute a day teen gratitude journal is only $6.99 shipped!

-This 6-pack of beaded choker necklaces is only $8.99 shipped!

-12 pieces of clip-on hair extensions are only $5.99 shipped today in multi-colors! You can get solid colors for just a little more.

-This Burt’s Bees kit is only $9.98 shipped today!

-This LED light-up alarm clock is only $8.99 shipped!

-This 4-pack of Goody hair claw clips is only $5.98 shipped!

-This set of 19 Boho rings is only $7.99 shipped!

-This black cat facewash headband is only $10 shipped! There are a few other styles as well.

12 velvet scrunchies for only $7.99 shipped!

-This 7 piece bracelet set is only $8.99 shipped!

-If you don’t want to pay the high price of the Crocs charms, check these out! 40 food-themed charms for only $3.99 shipped!

-This cute volleyball zipper bag is only $7.99 shipped! They have football and soccer ones as well.

-This cute winter beanie hat is only $9.99 shipped!


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