15 Boy Gift Ideas (ages 9-13) Under $15!

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In addition to the tween girl gift ideas, I thought I’d look up some good boy ideas (~ages 9-13). My son is 10 and his friends aren’t quite at the “gift card” age yet. Here are some inexpensive ideas for upper elementary/middle school boys!

-These 3 parachute men are a fun little toy! Only $9.97 shipped.

-This Highlights hidden picture book is only $6.27 shipped!

Uno… Minecraft edition! Only $7.49 shipped.

-These gaming socks are only $7.99 shipped!

-Do you have a jokester in your household? This joke book is only $6.95 shipped!

-This fun squeezy stress ball is only $5.97 shipped!

48 Anime Crocs charms for only $11.99 shipped! (click the extra $4 off)

100 sports water bottle stickers for only $7.99 shipped!

-These LED gloves are only $10.49 shipped! (click the extra 5% off)

-This LED 3D basketball lamp w/ remote is only $13.99 shipped!

-This neon game controller sign is only $12.58 shipped! (click the extra 10% off)

-50 water bottle stickers (including Pokemon) for only $6.98 shipped!

-This Minecraft Lego kit is only $9.49 shipped!

-This Nerf gun is only $11.99 shipped!

-This Nerf Aero Howler football is only $11.99 shipped!


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