15 Bookshelf Decor on the Cheap!

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Decorating a bookshelf is SO hard to me! It’s hard to decide on a “theme”, it’s hard to know what sized items to get, etc. Remember my bookshelf challenge?

I found some really cute shelf decor on Amazon for under $10! I wanted to share some ideas, in case you need some help (like I did). 😉

-This 2-pack of small, artificial potted plants is only $7.99 shipped!

-This made me laugh! This block sign is only $9.95 shipped.

-This cool wooden knot is only $6.99 shipped!

-Wow! This 60″ wooden bead garland is only $3.99 shipped! Comes in white, too, for the same price.

-These two mini succulent potted plants are only $8.99 shipped!

-This cool mirror is only $9.95 shipped!

-This wifi password sign would be great for guests!

-This mini lantern is only $7.10 shipped!

-This mini blue lantern is only $6.11 shipped!

-This cute succulent plant is only $9.77 shipped!

-These cute smiling monks are only $8.99 shipped!

-This cool figurine is only $8.96 shipped! (click the extra 10% off)

-This artificial hanging plant is only $7.99 shipped!

-This 4″ clock is only $9.59 shipped!

-This block calendar is only $9.99 shipped!


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