How to Add Storage Shelves to an Unfinished Attic

Stephen helped my mom out this weekend in her attic. The attic space is a good size, but the available space to add flooring for storage is minimal. This is mostly due to there not being ample flat 2X4s to screw the flooring into. (There are a lot of angled, diagonal pieces of wood).

My mom had wanted to store a few things, like artificial Christmas trees and luggage. Nothing TOO heavy, but somewhat bulky. Stephen came up with a great alternative to storing these items.

I’m not sure if you’d call this “raised flooring” or “low shelving”, but that was his idea. He got some wood from the scrap section at Home Depot… it was close to 2×4 size. It was free, so that was nice! He used this wood as cleats- he cut off pieces that were about 3.5 inches wide by about 2.5 inches tall. He screwed these cleats into the existing 2X4s in the attic. He did 4 cleats per area.

He got 1/2 inch OSB board and cut them to size, so they would fit in the specific areas while sitting on the cleats. He was able to customize each board to the specific area- some areas allowed him to go back deeper than others.

He screwed the OSB board into each of the four cleats.

That was it! This was a great storage solution for my mom’s attic, with limited allowance for flooring.


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