Entertainment Deals!

Hammertime is reader supported. We may earn commissions off of affiliate links. Thank you for your support!

Check out some great Amazon entertainment deals! (prices are as of 4/13/23)

-This gaming mouse is only $7.99 when you click the extra $2 off coupon!

Shot in the Dark, a quiz game, is only $8.43 shipped!

Sequence Stacks card game is only $10.61 shipped!

-This fossil adventure is only $9.59 shipped!

-This 12pack of 2.5″ stress balls is only $9.09 shipped!

Oopsie Noise Putty for only $6.62 shipped!

Paw Patrol games (many in one) for only $7.42 shipped!

MASH! Brings back memories! This adult game is only $7.98 shipped.

-5 piece gem art for only $8.39 shipped!

4300 clay beads– these make cool bracelets and necklaces! Only $8.49 shipped.


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