15 Amazon Patio Deals!

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It’s patio hanging time! Check out these current deals on Amazon:

2 zero gravity chairs with table for only $109.99 (normally $151.67!)

-This 2 pack of iron hanging hooks for plants is only $9.09 shipped!

-This 4 pack of metal wall-hanging geckos is only $13.99 shipped!

-This patio loveseat cover is only $15.50 shipped!

-This hammock with a stand is only $69.99 shipped (normally $139.97)!

-This 2-pack of patio chair covers is only $13.06 shipped.

-This patio umbrella is only $39.19 shipped.

25 feet of string lights is only $15 shipped!

-This cute patio sign is only $8.90 shipped!

-These patio curtains are only $19.10 shipped (click the extra 30% off)!

-This grill cover is only $13.85 shipped!

-This metal folding plant stand is only $33.67 shipped!

-This beautiful wind spinner is only $17.49 shipped.

-This hanging bird bath/feeder is only $13.99 shipped!

-This 8 pack of solar lights is only $19.53 shipped!


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