15 Beauty Deals for Under $10!

Hammertime is supported by its readers. We may earn commissions off of affiliate links. Thank you for your support! (Prices are as of 5/4/23)

Revlon Kiss Plump Lip Creme is only $3.50 shipped today! (normally $9.99)

-Have you tried liquid eyeshadow? If not, you may want to at this price! Only $5.40 shipped (normally $20)

-This highly-rated Yardley Oatmeal & Almond bar soap is only $1.04 shipped! (normally $5.99)

-This nail polish is only $1.07 shipped! (click the extra 42 cents off coupon)

-This highly-rated Revlon eyeshadow pallette is only $8.47 shipped (normally $12.89)!

-This fun eye shadow pallette (68 colors) is only $9.79 shipped!

-These fabric hair coils are only $7.22 shipped!

-This makeup organizer is only $5.99 shipped!

-This face roller is only $7.63 shipped!

-These false eyelashes are only $6.99 shipped!

-This 3-pack of eyebrow razors is only $3.51 shipped!

-This 4-pack of makeup bags is only $4.89 shipped!

-Wow! This wet brush is only $6.73! (normally $13.79)

-This blush contour pallette is only $6.49 shipped!

-Men’s hair pomade for only $8.95 shipped!


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