8 Fun (& Easy) Science Experiments

I have always loved doing fun science experiments with my kids… they were nothing too complicated or extravagant, but my kids always enjoyed them! Here are some that we did- hopefully you can try some of these in your home, too!

  1. Baking Soda & Vinegar Volcano
    -I would pour vinegar in small containers, and add spoonfuls of baking soda into them. The solution fizzes up and overflows. I definitely recommend putting these dishes on some sort of a tray! You can also use food coloring to make the solution different colors.

2. Similar to above, you can put the baking soda in a container, and use droppers (like the kind you use for medicine) to squirt vinegar onto it. This causes small areas of fizz all over the dish! You can also use food coloring in the vinegar to make the fizz colorful!

3. Colorful Spaghetti
-Boil spaghetti in water that is colored with food coloring. Make according to the directions on the box. Put the spaghetti in a container, and you can play with it with your hands, stir it, make shapes/letters with them, and much more! This is a great sensory activity for kids!

4. Salt Paintings
-This is a fun activity. Get a piece of paper, and have your kid draw out things in Elmer’s Glue. Sprinkle table salt over the glue and then shake off the excess. Once it dries, paint the salt shapes with washable paint. Voila!

5. Shaving Cream Rain Cloud
-This is super easy. Get a clear glass/vase and fill it with water. Put shaving cream on the top of the water. Take food coloring, and drop 1-3 drops down into the shaving cream at a time. It will go through the shaving cream and “rain” down into the water.

6. Dyed Oats (Sensory play)
-This is similar to the spaghetti noodles. You take old fashioned oats, put 1.5 tablespoons of water in a ziplock bag along with food coloring, add the oats, and shake! Lay them out to dry, and then you can play!

7. DIY Lava Lamp
-Fill a water bottle with water (1/4) and vegetable oil (3/4). Add 4-5 drops of food coloring. Break one Alka Seltzer into four pieces, and drop a piece in one at a time. Once you drop all 4 in, close the cap… and enjoy!

8. Color Changing Milk
-Pour some milk into a plate. Drop various colors of food coloring in the milk. Take some Dawn soap and drop one drop of soap at a time. The colors will move away from it! Continue to add drops of soap, and then have fun stirring it around.


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