15 Beach Deals Under $15

Hammertime is reader supported. We may earn commissions off of affiliate links. Thank you for your support! (Deals as of 5/17)

It’s almost summer, which means beach trips!!! Check out some current beach deals.

-This deal is for 6 Turkish oversized beach towels! In total, they are on sale for $31.49, but that makes them only $5.25 per towel!

-This portable fan in pink has a ton of fantastic ratings, and is only $13.39 shipped today! (click the $1 off coupon)

-This inflatable surfing board with handles is only $12.99 (normally $26.99!)

-Two water skimming balls for only $14.99 shipped!

-This large mesh beach bag is only $8.39 shipped.

-4 sand sifters for only $10.43 (be sure to click the extra 5% off!)

11 sand toys with buggy for only $13.77 shipped!

-This 2- pack of cell phone waterproof pouches is only $5.95 shipped! (click the extra 5% off)

-Lots of cute girls’ bathing suits with SPF for as low as $8.47 shipped!

Water shoes for only $9.99 shipped!

-This beach pail kit is only $11.19 shipped!

-This large red dolphin kite is only $9.79 shipped!

-4 seashell collection bags for only $6.29 shipped!

25 piece sand toys for only $13.19 shipped!

-This 4 pack of cooling towels are only $11.69 shipped in orange! (click the extra 10% off). Other colors are just a little more!


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