12 Kitchen Deals Under $20!

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-This electric egg cooker can hold up to 14 eggs, and is only $16.99 today!

-This salad spinner + food chopper + collander can do it all! Only $17.47 shipped today.

-This salad container has compartments for all your salad needs! Only $6.97 shipped.

-This 4 pack of silicon baking mats is only $16.25 shipped.

-This highly-rated mini waffle maker is only $9.99 shipped!

-This heavy-duty apple slicer is only $8.37 shipped today.

-This electric kettle is only $15.40!

-Do you have an Air Fryer? This 2-pack of silicon liners is only $4.99 shipped!

-This dish drainer is only $12.99 shipped today! It comes in a few other colors at this price, too.

-This 8″ sharp kitchen knife is 67% off today, only $9.99!

-This 12-pack of food containers also includes labels, pen, and spoons! Only $16.78 shipped today.

-This wall-hanging coffee pod holder is only $16.03 shipped!


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