8 Super Easy Craft Ideas

I love being crafty, even though I’m not really that great at it. I would describe my work as something that can go up in my home okay (most of the time!), but not something that I could sell on Etsy. 😉

Anyways, since it is summer, I wanted to share some ideas of fun and easy crafts you or your kids can try!

  1. Dollar Tree decorative plate:

All you need is a ceramic plate (the dollar store sells these), a sharpie, and an oven! Draw any picture or write any word(s) on your plate. Put your plate in an unheated oven. Set the temp to 350 degrees. Once it hits 350, bake for 30 minutes, turn off the temp, and then let it cool in the oven. Easy peasy!

2. DIY picture frame jewelry holder:

Find a picture frame (any size)- you can paint it or leave it as-is. Make sure the glass is removed. Get some sturdy/somewhat wide ribbon. Using hot glue, or super glue, glue the ribbon on one side of the back of the frame, stretching it tightly across and then gluing it to the other side of the frame. You can customize this to whatever size jewelry you have!

3. DIY wood with stencil wall art:

This required an old piece of wood, some stencils and some paint! I added a picture hanger on the back, and this was some great art for my son’s room.

4. DIY button art:

Another super easy art project. I got a canvas, painted the tree (using sharpies to add details), and then hot-glued buttons on the limbs!

5. Scrapbook paper art:

I had a flat canvas that I painted gray. I took some cute scrapbook paper and cut them into petal-like shapes (and a circle for the center). I used a gluestick to stick each piece in place, and then I put mod podge over the top of it to seal everything in place!

6. Framed button art:

You can create any letter, shape, etc. with button art. I traced the shape of the “S” and then filled the space up with buttons. I placed them all out, and then went back and hot-glued the buttons in place. I put this in a frame with a matte, and it looked great on my daughter’s wall!

7. Personalized state art:

I used a canvas and painted it gray. I found an outline of my state online (in my case, Georgia) and sized it to the canvas. I cut out the center of the traced image and taped it onto the canvas. I painted the shape of the state, and then painted a heart in the place where I live! This was a little hard, just because the edges were hard to get exactly right. You can always go back with the paint (in my case, either blue or gray) and touch up the edges!

8. Pallet art:

My friend had an extra pallet that he gave to me, and I attempted to make an art piece out of it. This was before I had a Cricut, so my lettering isn’t great, but you can always find something you like online and attempt to copy it!


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