Painting a Message on a School Rock

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My son’s birthday was last week, and I made sure to rent his school’s spirit rock again! This year, I was still determined not to pay the $150 (!!) to have a company paint a message on the rock- a message that will stay up for only 24 hours. So, I gathered my own materials and went on my way!

Supplies needed:

spray paint (color of choice)- I got three 11 oz cans of black spray chalk paint, only because I got them super cheap on Amazon! You can use any normal spray paint.

-acrylic paints– this will be for the letters/pictures.
paint brushes

chalk (you don’t need much!)

-paper towels
-paper plate

** before starting, definitely Google some rock picture ideas to get a plan in place.


-Spray paint the entire rock! Hold the can about 10″ from the rock and spray evenly across the rock. It may take more than one coat, depending on your spray paint color and what is underneath! There are some quick-dry spray paints out there, but if it’s a sunny and windy day, even the “dries in an hour” spray paints will dry within minutes.

This was what we had to paint over… I felt kinda bad. 😉

-Once the paint is dry, use your chalk to draw out the words/pictures. This will allow you to make sure everything is where you want it to be before putting the paint on it.

Squirt the acrylic paint colors onto your plate, and use a brush to paint onto the rock. I used cheap foam brushes… that way, I could use one brush per color and then throw it away afterwards. This may require 2-3 coats, depending on your rock.

You can add in things like protective sealants, glitter spray paint, etc… whatever floats your boat!

I googled an image of a basketball so I could know how to draw the black lines on it.

That is IT! Now, be sure to take some pictures of the birthday boy/girl next to it!


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