Easy Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas- with Paint!

One way to make an easy, yet drastic, change to a room is by painting an accent wall! During the quarantine, we painted accent walls in all three of our kids’ rooms. An accent wall adds a pop of color without taking on the daunting task of painting ALL the walls.

For each of the kids’ rooms, we picked a wall that made the most sense. For my son, we did a smaller wall without windows or doors that he could put his basketball hoop on. He loves shooting a small basketball that leaves orange marks on the wall when he misses, so painting this wall was quick, easy, and helped cover up those pesky ball marks!

Before and after:

We used a dark gray color that we had on hand. I painted a piece of wood white and we screwed in his over-the-door basketball goal into it, so it could be used on the wall. The back of his poor white door has so many orange marks all over it!

One of my daughters wanted a bold color, while the other wanted a calmer one. Perhaps their requests matched their personalities? My 12 year-old went for the lighter turquoise color to go with her Hawaiian-themed room. We went with a bigger wall that you see right when you walk in her bedroom.

This color (Behr Windwood Spring 510C-2) is a perfect balance of adding color while almost not even noticing it, if that makes sense. 😉 It is very soothing and calming. We got a quart of this paint and used every last drop of it- it took two coats.

My 9 year-old daughter only has one wall that doesn’t have a window or a door on it. It’s the wall her bed backs up to, so it was an easy choice to paint! We went with a teal color (Behr Placid Sea P470-5) and it is beautiful. It definitely makes a statement! We also got a quart of this paint, did two coats and used every last drop (and could have used a few more!). I left a couple of “ideally could have used another coat” areas behind furniture.

There you go. If you are itching for something a little different in your home, I highly recommend doing an accent wall! They can work in literally any room- living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom… anywhere!


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