Easy DIY Wreath Ideas

I am one of those people that loves to have something hanging on my front door… all year long. I have a few wreaths/door hangers for holidays, and others that are more generic and could hang anytime. I also like making some for the kids’ rooms, or for our walls in the house. I have made most of mine, and I wanted to share how easy it can be to make some of these!

This was a cute one I made a few years’ back… it’s a book page wreath! It consisted of me getting a foam wreath from the $ Store, an old book I didn’t need, and a glue gun! Here is a tutorial I found online, if you’re interested in trying: Click here.

These next two I made for my girls when they were younger. Again, I got a circular foam wreath from the $ Store, pulled out a bunch of my spare ribbon, and got a single letter for their names! I cut the ribbons about 6″ long (it will depend on how thick your wreath base is), and tied them in knots all the way around. I could use any color I want, which made it fun. I painted the letters, and I glue-gunned a strip of ribbon to the back of the letter and the back of the wreath. I also made a hook out of a strip of ribbon so it could hang. So easy!

Tip: I used a command hook sticker to stick the letter to the door, so it wouldn’t slam into the door everytime it opened or closed.

I can’t take credit for this one… my very talented mother made this one for me! She got two branch wreaths, one larger and one medium, and put the smaller one on top of the bigger one. She connected them with piping. This gave the wreath some depth. She found some fall flowers/leaves and a ribbon to match, and she connected everything with pipe cleaners or wiring!

This one, I made- and I was pretty proud of it! I got a branch wreath, and got scrap pieces of burlap and white fabric. I rolled the burlap/fabric to look like a cinnamon roll, and hot-glued them along the way. I glued fake pearls onto the tops. I attached them like so, throwing the orange flower in there for some color. I also used twine and wrapped it around the right side of the wreath, to add a little something on that side!

I’ll take half credit for this one. 🙂 I ordered the mason jar cut-out from Etsy. Once it came in, I followed a picture I saw online to paint the mason jar. Anything black you see is actually a thick sharpie marker. I am not talented in painting/handwriting, so if I can do it, I promise you can! I glued some burlap onto the back to form a hook, and I added the burlap bow and flower with hot glue.

I’ll take maybe 1/5 credit for this one. 😉 I bought the base of this pumpkin door hanger at a fall festival. I came home and painted it. That counts, right? 😉 Here is my almost-entire pumpkin hanging on the door!

There you have it! Some very easy and inexpensive craft projects for you to try! Your door will thank you. 😉


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