DIY Trophy Shelf

Our sweet friends asked us if we could build a shelf for their son’s room. They wanted one that was like a trophy/award shelf, with a shelf to set things on, and hooks to hang things on.

Stephen measured two 1×6 pieces of wood out to the desired length (about 3 feet). He connected them in an L-shape using finishing nails, with the one’s top sitting underneath the other 1×6’s edge.

He got two decorative pieces to put on either side of the shelf on the front. These were coated with almost a composite-like substance. Stephen used wood-glue and two finishing nails to attach these.

For the holes, he used a 1/4” drill bit and spaced them out evenly. The trouble here was that it was really difficult to make these holes perfect on the inside. You had to be at just the right angle with the right amount of pressure to cut the holes perfectly straight.

He got 5 pegs to put in the holes. He noticed then that some of the legs didn’t sit all the way straight (because of the holes not being perfect), so they sat a bit angled. It definitely bothered my kind of/somewhat-OCD. 😉 It was slight, but you can definitely tell if you know where to look.

Time to stain! I had to sand the decorative pieces, since they had the composite-like coat on top and wouldn’t take the stain. Our friends had wanted a darker brown stain color, so I used Minwax Jacobean. It’s one of my go-to’s for a darker stain. It took 4 coats, plus some polyurethane.

Stephen added two heavier-duty hanging “teeth” on the back so the shelf could hang, and voila- the shelf was done!


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