30+ Items You Need When Traveling Internationally

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My family and I are heading on an international trip this summer, and… well… it’s been a hot minute since I have traveled out of the country! I was trying to research what all we needed to take with us, and I wanted to share the information with you, in case you are planning a trip as well.

  1. Travel Plug Adapters: This 6 pack of USA to European adapters is almost half off at time of posting. (only $6.79 for 6!)

If you’re planning on traveling all over, this variety of adapters might be more worth it. They are USA to Europe, Asia, Africa, and more. This 11-pack is currently $27.99.

2. Portable chargers are a necessity, as you wouldn’t want to be stranded with no power! Here are some highly-rated chargers.

This Apple charger is only $18.99 at time of posting. Be sure to click the additional 5% off clickable!

This charger works with a variety of phone brands and is only $23.36 now.

3. A Toiletry Bag is a must! This is one I have and I absolutely LOVE it. It has several compartments and it hangs as well! Today, it is only $21.25 shipped. It comes in several colors for the same price.

4. A passport holder is important! This pink one is on sale for $9.89 today, but there are many other colors to choose from. Some are a little more.

This passport holder doesn’t have the button clasp, but is only $5.99 shipped! (comes in many colors)

5. Keep all your electronics, headphones and chargers in one spot with this electronic organizer! Only $11.04 today.

6. Laundry detergent! This 8 individual pack of SinkSuds detergent is TSA compliant. Only $8.40 shipped today.

7. Travel shoe bags. These keep the rest of your clothes free from any shoe germs/dirt. Only $14.99 today!

8. This 110 piece mini first aid kit is a must! Only $12.49 shipped.

9. This travel journal is a great idea to keep track of your memories! Only $9.89 today.

10. This 2-pack of TSA approved cable luggage locks is only $13.89.

11. Neutrogena makeup remover wipes! They are individually wrapped and work great. Only $6.49 shipped.

12. This 17-piece of TSA approved travel containers + bag is only $13.99!

13. This compression packing cube set is only $18.98 shipped!

This 6-pack of packing cubes is only $18.99 shipped!

14. This 3-pack of clear toiletry bags is only $10.99 shipped.

15. TSA-approved small travel scissors. Only $7.60 today!

16. This laptop/small backpack is great for travel! Normally $45.99, it’s only $31.99 shipped today.

This other travel backpack is only $25.99 and comes in several colors!

17. This travel pouch (great for carrying your passport and money) is only $24.99 shipped!

This smaller one is only $10.99 shipped!

18. This 2-in-1 blanket/pillow combo is only $29.95 shipped today! Comes in a few other colors.

19. This collapsible water bottle is only $9.99 shipped today! (click the extra $2 off)

20. This mini shaving razor blade (+ 1 extra blade) is only $9.59 shipped. Click the extra $3 off!

21. Brightly colored luggage tags for easy locating! This 5 pack comes in other colors. Only $12.88 shipped!

22. This mini travel jewelry box is a great way to keep your jewelry safe! Only $5.99 today.

23. This is cool! An airplane phone mount. Only $12.97 shipped!

24. This is a great way to keep your family’s travel documents in one spot! $24.99 shipped.

25. This foldable 3-in-1 charger charges your Apple phone, airpods, and apple watch in one spot!

26. This thin fanny pack is a great way to carry money and other valuables without being shown! Only $11.16 shipped.

27. This memory foam travel pillow has great ratings! Only $13.96 shipped today.

28. These are cool! They are leak protectors that you can put over liquids that have been opened already! Only $11.99.

29. This water resistant hiking backpack is only $18.99 for the smaller size. They have two larger sizes you can choose from, and several colors!

30. 16 day Travel pill organizer! Only $17.99 shipped.

31. Sleeping masks! Great for the plane, or if you’re somewhere where it’s light most of the day (including sleeping hours!). This 4-pack is only $8.98 shipped.


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