DIY Small Drawers Re-Do

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My daughter with the farmhouse bedroom had a nightstand that she just kicked to the curb. It was one we got years ago that was originally light brown, and I had painted it coral/pink with turquoise handles to match her bedroom at our old house. I didn’t really have a place to put it, but didn’t want to get rid of it- I feel like you can always put a set of drawers to use! The only problem was, coral/pink won’t go anywhere in our house.

The original drawers (top), how they’ve been lately (bottom)

I decided to update it on a whim. I had my Linen White chalk paint out already, so I hastily started painting the drawers. Once you start, you’re committed, right?? I painted the base and the drawer fronts white using 3 coats. (Luckily, these drawers aren’t that big, so the painting was pretty quick!)

The top had stickers and chipped paint marks on it…

I’m sure I could’ve hidden them with sanding and paint, but I decided to check out our spare wood, just to see what we had. I found some wood that, if doubled up, made a perfect fit to cover the top! I did a quick stain (and whatever kind of wood this was, the stain dried almost instantly!), wood-glued the two pieces together on their sides, and let them dry. They were now one solid piece! I covered the top with wood glue.

I centered the wood, placed it down, and weighed it down with some dumbbells for about 30 minutes. This wood glue is incredible- the wood doesn’t budge! (By the way, the stain color I used was Minwax Provincial– it’s a pretty medium shade of brown!)

I was going to use some funky knobs my neighbor had given me, but they just didn’t go… so I ended up spray-painting the original pulls black!

Here it is… my new, farmhouse-ish looking drawers!

The only thing I may do additionally is have Stephen route the edges of the wood, to give them a smoother look. Otherwise, I love it! Now… where to put them?


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