Easy Chair Seat Covers!

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About 3 years ago, I reupholstered our kitchen chair seats. I was proud of myself, because I had never done this all by myself… I picked the fabric out, got a new staple gun, and did it! It made all the difference in the world. For the several years before that time, my kids went through their baby, toddler and 5-7 year old stages, so there were lots of food and drink stains on the original seat fabric!

Fast-forward 3 years, my kids are a bit older… and there are STILL lots of food stains on the newer fabric seats! 😉 So I knew I needed to reupholster again, I just honestly haven’t had the time, energy, or motivation to do it.

But… Amazon to the rescue! I came across some removable seat covers once, and I thought- now, this is a good idea! I searched for a few weeks, trying to find one I really liked. (I actually was trying to find some that had the green from our kitchen island in them, but never had any luck).

I ended up choosing some black and white buffalo plaid seat covers (check them out here on Amazon). I paid $25.99 for six of them, so that broke down to about $4.50 each.

They are made of a soft material, and they have elastic around the edges, so you can stretch them to fit your seat. There are ties underneath that you can tie to keep the seat cover tight.

I had to unscrew the seat from the chairs, put the cover on the seat cushion, and then screw the seat back on.

It took about 30 minutes total for all 6, but now I have brand-new looking chairs!!!

So, pros of these… less work than actually reupholstering; able to be washed; cute patterns to choose from; better quality than most fabric. Cons… per chair, these would be more than just fabric (I’d say maybe $1-2 per chair with fabric, this is about $4.50 per chair). That’s the only con I can think of!

I wanted to share these awesome chair covers in case you’re in the market for needing updated chair seats!


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