15 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday season. I eat it ALL up- the music, the decorations, the shopping, the gifts, and more! Over the years, I have made a lot of fun Christmas crafts, foods, and decorations, and I thought I would share them with you!


Cheese sticks + sharpies = a cute snowman snack!
Pancake (or waffle), strawberries, and whipped cream!
Melt white chocolate chips, use food coloring, add sticks onto rice krispie treats, and dip them in the chocolate and add sprinkles!


Get a canvas, green and yellow paint, and I added some brown felt at the bottom to look like the trunk of the tree.
Painted chunk of wood, sleeves cut from old shirts/sweaters (or from thrift stores), added a ribbon, and painted a face! One of my favorite decorations.
Get a dollar store plate, use paint to put the footprint on it, paint whatever pattern you want on it, and voila!
Get a basic wreath, buy a cheap letter, paint, add a bow- leave it like that, or attach a gift card if it is for someone else!
DIY advent calendar- I used an old picture frame, glued ribbon across, found cute gift tags and put activities on the back of each tag for us to do each day as a family!
Christmas card holder- get a thick ribbon, hang it on the wall, and attach Christmas cards to it!
Another way to display Christmas cards- get string lights, hang them up, and use small clothespins to hook them to the string!
Gift card wreath! Get a basic wreath, add some ornaments or decorative items, and clothespin the gift cards to it!


Build a plastic cup pyramid!
Two games here… The Left Right Game (a fun game to play with something like a sock exchange) and the candy cane hook game. Two kids go against each other- they put a candy cane in their mouth (in the wrapper) and have to use the hook to try to pick up as many other candy canes as they can. No hands allowed!
Cute craft idea- use a picture of the kid’s face on the elf outfit.
Christmas cupcake baking cup ornaments. Fold different patterned cupcake cups and glue them together in the shape of a tree. Add a ribbon on top!

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