DIY Outdoor Cable Box Protector (TV)

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On our back deck, we have a TV with a Roku box and an ethernet plug underneath. Both are somewhat protected, being under the deck roof. The TV is waterproof, but the Roku box and ethernet plug aren’t, so we had to come up with a solution to protect them both.

Stephen created a fairly simple box, using 1x8s. He wood-glued the edges together and connected them using pocket hole screws. He filled in the holes with wood putty, let it dry, and sanded the box. Once that was done, he painted it with exterior white paint.

He drilled a hole on top for the cords that connect the TV and the boxes to go through. He also carved out a section on the box on the back so it would sit flush against the pipe.

The next part was a little more tricky… he added a door with a magnetic closure to the box. The door itself was made from a 1×8, and he cut this to the exact size of the opening.

He purchased these stainless steel hinges from Amazon, and carefully screwed them into the left side of the door. He got a wooden knob, painted it white, and screwed it onto the front right of the door.

He screwed the door hinges into the left side of the box so that the door opened and closed smoothly. He purchased a magnetic door catch (like this) and installed it- he had to be sure he matched this up well.

There you have it! A very easy, inexpensive way to protect our outdoor TV equipment.

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